About Navitas

Navitas Smart Energy Solutions is a dedicated company towards Energy & Electrical related Services through its diversified bu siness operations. The Company is built on solid foundation of expertise with 44 Years of Industrial Experience in Execution of Complete Electrical and Energy related Solutions through its parent Company Blue Sea Power Solutions, Since 1979.

Navitas has highly experienced Accredited Energy Auditors as well as Certified Energy Auditors of Bureau of Energy Efficiency and adequate Technical Team who are expertised for 4 Decades in the field of Energy Arena. Our company is well equipped with Advanced (IOT Based – Real Time) Energy Auditing & Monitoring Instruments with utmost accuracy to measure energy utilization (Electricity, Thermal, HVAC, Diesel, Water and Gas) among the organization.

Navitas has strong in-depth knowledge on Energy Conservation concepts and exclusively focusing on Energy Auditing on Electrical & Thermal Utilities, Electrical Safety Audit, Fire Safety Audit, Green Audit, Environmental Audit, Power Quality Analysis to achieve and maintain optimum energy procurement and utilization, throughout the organization which leads to minimize the energy costs without affecting the production and quality.

Navitas is providing International Standard Energy Audit Service in associate with M/s. ENSAVE INDIA, one among the Leading Energy Audit Firms in India Accredited with Bureau of Energy Efficiency, India who has successfully completed more than 400+ Energy Audit Services for Small and Large Industrial as well as Commercial Sectors in India and Overseas.

Navitas is providing World Class Energy Audit and Retrofitting Services in associate with International Technical Partner M/s. E-EYE SDN BHD, Malaysia one among the leading specialized firm on Electrical, Thermal and HVAC System who has successfully executed Energy Efficient and Retrofitting projects for wide range of commercial and industrial sectors and successfully effected 10-25% of energy savings.

Navitas is registered firm with India’s largest & leading banking sector STATE BANK OF INDIA to Carry out Electrical Audits at State Bank of India, Branches in Tamil Nadu and Pondicherry and it has successfully completed nearly 2000 + STATE BANK OF INDIA, Branches and 300 + BANK OF BARODA Branches in Tamil Nadu and Pondicherry.

With over decades of our wide range of Industrial, Government and Commercial Sectors, we ensure that our customers can push back in comfort zone through our uncompromised Energy Audit and Energy Management Services under one roof.

Thanking you,
Navitas Smart Energy Solutions
R.Balaji.,B.E.,MBA.,PG in Energy Management
Chief Executive
Electrical & Energy Engineer

Navitas – Mission, Vision and Value Statements

Our Mission statement defines why we exist and our vision statement clearly identifies what we aspire to become. Our core values are the priorities we set for our practices and daily activities.

Our Mission: To provide Ethical Energy Saving Concepts & Quality Power resources to our valuable Stakeholders.

Our Vision: To be the most admired and responsible Energy Consultants in the Nation.


Innovative: We think outside the box and learn from our experiences.

Trustworthy: We are transparent and ethical.

United: We are strong with our energy experts.

Passionate: We have positive attitude towards Quality Energy Utilization.

Caring: We are socially responsible people.