Energy Auditing / Power Quality / Thermography Instruments

3 Phase / 1 Phase power analyzer Digital Anemometer
3 Phase / 1 Phase power Clamp-On meter Psychrometer Swing type
Digital HI-Tester (Magger) Electronic differential pressure meter
Digital Industrial Multimeter Flue Gas Analyzer
Digital Tachometer IR Thermometer (non-contacted)
Lux Meter Thermal Imager
Earth Tester / Meggar Digital Temperature Indicator + Hygro meter
Micro Manometer with Pitot Tube Steam/ Air Leak Detector (Ultrasonic)
Ultrasonic Flow Meter (Doppler & Transit Time) 16 Channel Process scanner (Datalogger with sensors)

Testing Instruments For Ehv/hv/mv & Lv Electrical Installations

Insulation Resistance Tester (1000v Meggar) Single Phase I/p:230v, O/p:0-60kv
Insulation Resistance Tester (500v Meggar) Relay Test Kit
Phase Sequence Meter Standard Resistance Box
Tong Tester Ammeter High Voltage Test Kit
Digital Voltmeter Transformer Oil Filtration Kit
Earth Resistance Meter Complete Tools And Site Instruments
Insulation Resistance Tester (2500 V Megger) Thermal Indicator